Welcome to View 360

Business Process Analysis and Measurement. In order to survive and succeed, organizations need to set strategic directions, establish goals, execute decisions and monitor their state and behavior as they move towards their goal.

Once an organization becomes large enough that a single manager cannot sense the current state of the process, the organization typically starts to use measurement and control systems to replace the eyes and ears of the manager


View360 provides technical consulting services to streamline, automate, and improve business processes.  View360 has worked with a variety of organizations to generate substantial returns by implementing technology to improve business processes.  We have expertise in a several verticals including recruiting and workforce planning, health care, and telecom.

Our engagements often leverage off-the-shelf tools and technologies to dramatically reduce the effort required to complete the engagement.  And most of View360’s favorite tools are free.

We have historically focused on the Microsoft technology stack.  But with the advent of NoSQL, we are increasing our focus on a new set of technologies from vendors like Basho, TenGen, and DataStax.  We have recently initiated a project to upgrade the VoiceCode application to leverage the distributed storage capabilities of these new technologies and we will use our BLOG to capture the good, the bad, and the ugly of our effort to transition the VoiceCode application.